Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Road Trip

Cole and I drove to Chicago to Union Park to the Pitchfork Festival to see Modest Mouse.
We saw the wiener mobile on our way up. It was at the Taco Bell/KFC we ate lunch at:
By the way, whoever thought to combine those two fast food places was a genius.

Driving in Chicago is a lot different than driving in St. Louis, but we managed alright. We
stayed over in Romeoville, Ill., then took the train back into Chicago Saturday morning. We went to a store he wanted to visit, Threadless, (www.threadless.com) and I got a pretty awesome shirt:
Haha! They had cool shirts.

We walked around Chicago for a while, then took a bus back to Union Station and headed to St. Louis for the second show. It was packed. I weasled my way as close as I could, but it still wasn't close. Luckily, I ended up right in front of Mr. Isaac Brock. I had a decent view of him thoughout the show, which was awesome:

After all this, I was worthless on Sunday. So Cam, Coco, and I sat around and chilled. It was a pretty nice weekend.

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