Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Roll...

Things have been a little bit slower than usual around here and I've been spending a lot more time "browsing" for mule-related items of interest on the internet. Here are a few blogs that I have been frequenting: Fenway's owner, "FarmWife," has written a couple articles for us. Fenway is quite charming. I really liked the post from a couple of days ago about how to fix a "frumpy" day. Sue Kroll is doing a mule painting a day and selling them on her Etsy site. I've got my eye on the one called "Being Muley." It's very pretty. From what I can tell, she must do some commissioned work, as I have seen a painting of Fenway and one of a mule baby owned by Crooked Gate Mules (the Coville's, who I am Facebook friends with). This one's got screen shot's of terrible ways to sell your horse from site's like Craigslist. Whew, some of them are pretty terrible.

If you have got a blog that I should add to my RSS feed, let me know!

My favorite thing about blogs from Blogger (which is the site I use) is the "Next Blog" button up on the top. It takes you to another blog that has similar content and it's a pretty cool way to find new things to read on here!

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