Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quality Time


Since Shelbyville is next week, I have been spending lots of quality time with Hoosier, attempting to get him ready/in shape for the show. He has been ridden every day since I got back from Wyoming. We went to a schooling show up the road from my house where we had some much needed jumping practice. He even got to go to work with my dad at the sale barn yesterday. Hopefully, this will do the trick and we will have a successful show...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from Wyoming

After a 24-hour-plus drive from Wyoming, we made it home late Monday night. And, oh man, was I zapped yesterday. Zumba was excruciating, and I seriously regretted eating those delicious fresh fried donuts for lunch three days...(but, ohhhh, they were yummy!).

We had a great time in Wyoming. We got to eat all sorts of great food (Proud Cut and Cassie's) and spent time with awesome people. The mules our group brought for the auction sold great (4 out of 5 went for over $8,000!). M&M handed out a ton of magazines and got a new advertiser. We are of course looking forward to next year's trip!

I was glad to get back to see Miss Camri... I sure missed her while I was gone!

The July issue's are going out early this month. I think they are being mailed from the printer today or tomorrow. It's filled with news and photos from Bishop Mule Days. I am anxious for everyone to see the cover. I just love it!

Next month, August, will be contain our Jake Clark coverage. The deadline for advertising/articles is next Friday, July 1. (Where is this summer going?)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jake Clark's - Friday

Jake Clark's - Friday's Events

Trail Course, Ranch Work, and Roping - Friday's event

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jake Clark's Mule Days - Thursday Team Sorting

Jake Clark's Mule Days - Thursday Team Sorting

We have two cameras going (my mom is using the other) so this is just a few of what I've taken so far.

I went four go's in the team sorting, but ended up scratching each time. Peggy Sue and Reba (the mules my dad has consigned) worked great - it was all "rider error."

Today is the course that shows the sale mules' trail skills.

Jake Clark's Mule Days - Thursday - Team Sorting

Brad Cameron in the team sorting
Tim and Shelia Cross

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Would Willie Do?

Last Friday, Davey and I, along with another couple, Ashley and Aaron, went to Columbia for Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown. What a good time!

We ate at 44 Stone, an English pub, for lunch. (Sooo yummy!) Then we headed out to Midway Expo Center for the show.

We saw all sorts of singer/songwriters, including Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson and Brantley Gilbert. We did get rained on, and ended up getting cold and heading out a bit earlier than planned, but all together it was a great day.

Since this was on a Friday, I only had a four day work week last week...and since I am leaving for Wyoming today, I only had a three day work week this week. I am Wyoming bound in an half an hour and will be back next Monday. Yup, that means I only have a four day work week next week, too. I love June!

I will keep you posted on Jake Clark Days this week and will hopefully see some of you there!


The video is a little goofy, but all the same. <3 this song.

"Would have never found you, if he had wanted to stay..
He hurt me bad, in a real good way..."

Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Summer Weekend

Friday night, I headed up to Columbia to the Blue Note for the Yeasayer/Smith Western/Hush Hush concert with my friend from college, Bonnie. The show was great!

Bonnie and I :)

Saturday morning I participated in the Quail Forever/Prairie Star Farm 5K Trail Challenge. I did the run/walk division and ran a 44:30 time. I haven't been running that long, so I was extremely happy with my time. I actually ended up first in my age division and got a cute little cooler as a prize!
That afternoon Davey, Camri, Ali and I went to Maramec Springs. The girls fed the fish and "swam" for a bit. The water was super cold, so they didn't spend to much time in it.

Camri and Ali at Maramec Springs

On Sunday, Ali and Camri had their tumbling recital. They both did great! Camri rocked her cartwheels and backbends. We got ice cream with the Surbers, my mom, and Grandma Alice afterward.
Camri at her tumbling recital

It was Ali's cousin Emma's birthday, so Sunday evening we celebrated at the girls' grandparents. They did a little swimming and sliding in their new pool.
Emma and Camri

I was crazy busy this weekend, but it was the perfect way to start June. I can't wait for more weekends like this this summer :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


I got to work yesterday and had this wonderful pile of copy to set/correct. What a lovely way to start your day! Eh, it won't take long to get it down to a manageable amount. It might take a bit longer with Camri, the new office help, around, but her Grandma Lenice agreed to take her today, so I'll be done in no time :) (yeah, right!)