Monday, February 22, 2010


The March 2010 issue of Mules and More is now at the printers. Thank goodness it is finally gone.

It might seem that the only time I ever post anything is right after we are finished with the magazine, and if you thought that, you would be correct. It seems that the only time I have five seconds to do something non-layout and non-copy editing related is the week after the last issue is at the printer.

I spent today doing web design. After the dreadful PC crash that wiped out all the programs on our computer, I thought I would try the trial version of Web Expressions 3 available online, so I spent the whole day testing it out. I previously only had Web Expression 2, but I think I like the new version better.

Check out the website for an updated calendar of events, new classifieds, and new picture page ads. I also posted the front cover story from the February 2010 issue.
I also added a new item to the M&M store, the 2010 Surrounded by Asses calendar. It's on sale for $14!

I feel a little better about life thinking that spring is around the corner. We have started planning trips, which helps a little bit. So far, I've got the NASMA Congress in Tulsa in April, Jake Clark Days in June, and the Great Celebration in July on the books. Also, it looks like my brother, my friend Amie, and I will be road-tripping to Chicago in July to see my favorite band Modest Mouse play at an outdoor festival. Ah, hurry up spring...

I hope everyone has received their February issues and is enjoying the jack and breeding related articles. If you haven't received yours by the 25th (Thursday), give us a call and we will get you another one sent out.