Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Parties!

Yesterday, my grandmother, Tracy, and I, along with the girls from "The Beagler" in Belle, joined a few people from ModernLitho, where Mules and More is printed, at Sapphires in Jefferson City. Sapphires is located at the top of the Double Tree Hotel, which is a round hotel. It was delicious...they even had my most favorite dessert of all time, chocolate lava cake. We had a good time catching up with everyone.

I just dropped Camri off at her preschool Christmas party. They are doing a gift exchange, and I took this photo of her before she walked in. She picked out the present (a Barbie and Hannah Montana hair sparkles) and wrapped it herself. It was kind of difficult explaining a gift exchange to a 4-year-old, but I think she finally got it.

I got lucky and have a super-short work week this week...but I did find time today to add two new DVD's to our M&M Store: the 2009 National Championship Chuckwagon Races and Hitch Up Yer Mules. Here is the link, they are the second and third items.
I hope you are almost finished with your shopping...We will be here all day tomorrow if you still need something shipped out! I am going to try and brave the malls one last time today in order to get the last couple of items on my list done...so wish me luck!

Friday, December 18, 2009

January Issue

I hope everyone is enjoying their December issues.
I've just posted this month's calendar of events, so you can start planning your mule-related events for next year! http://mulesandmore.com/calendar.htm
I also put up the classifieds from December: http://mulesandmore.com/classifieds.htm
We just sent the January issue to the printers this morning. We've already started working on our big Jack issue. If you are interested in advertising, you've got until Jan. 10.
Happy Holidays!