Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camri and Ellie Mae

Camri is giving Blazin' Blue a "break," and has been riding Ellie Mae, a mule my dad has in to sell. Camri and "Smelly" Mae have been getting along great. They've been coming along when Hoosier and I ride before work, and have mastered crossing creeks, ditches and logs, as well as trotting circles and backing.
I haven't had a lot of experience around white mules, but I am thinking if Camri is going to ride her very often, we need to find a blanket for her to wear when she's turned out. If she is even a little bit dirty, she looks filthy!

What are you doing with your mules and donkeys this spring? Send in your photos so you can share with other long-ear lovers! Don't forget to send your New Arrival photos, either!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Uh Oh...

The Postal Service is once again talking about dropping their Saturday service. I hope they don't because that would mean four more days a month in which our magazines sit still during the mailing process:
Postal Problems: Cutbacks Imminent - ABC News

Since just thinking about that stresses me out, I decided to include something "Postal Service" related that makes me happy, a video from one of my favorite groups, The Postal Service. The vocalist, Ben Gibbard, is the vocalist for one of my other favorite groups, Death Cab for Cutie, who I've seen in concert numerous times. I have a huge crush on Ben, but he recently married one of my other favorite people, Zooey Daschanel, so I am OK with him being taken. Zooey was in Elf, one of my favorite movies. Also, on a kind of odd note, Zooey's sister, Emily, is the lead character in one of my favorite TV shows, Bones. I recently became borderline obsessed with that show. I even convinced Camri to watch it with me a few times. I think she should know that there are cool scientists out there.
The Postal Service - Such Great Heights: