Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Denver Stock Show - Day 3

Here is a quick recap from Sunday's mule and donkey events at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colo.

A ride and drive contestant.

Sage Pier running Reba in the open keyhole class.

The exhibitors in the final line up for Amateur western pleasure.

This stable must be a big deal, because every time I watched them show, they placed first. This is from the 6-Up Hitch, but I watched them in win in the ladies cart class that had over 25 contestants in it!

The only mule team to make it to the finals in the feed race, Pearl & Nellie, shown by Tom Mowery and owned by Bruce & Terri Wagner of Keenesburg, CO. They placed third out of the numerous mule and draft horse teams to compete.

Monica Bishop and Judiciass, Open High Point winner.

Be sure to look in March's issue of Mules and More for complete coverage and results from the National Western Stock Show!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Denver Stock Show - Day Two - Part Two

Abbea Faris riding Notoriass Manuel, owned by Holly Kennedy of Laramie, WY, in youth barrels. Congrats to Abbea who placed first in this class!
Curtis Imrie of Buena Vista, Colo., running in the donkey barrels. Curtis placed first in this class riding another donkey.
A draft horse team waiting to compete in the feed race.

An exhibitor in the warm-up pin.

Michael Stevens driving Pete in a youth driving class with owner Jeff Blake, of Lake George, Colo., in the passenger seat. Pete placed first in youth mule pleasure driving, open mule obstacle driving, and youth mule reinsmanship. Congrats!

Denver Stock Show - Day Two - Part One

Here are more photos from the National Western Stock Show in Denver this past weekend. These photos were all taken on Saturday.
Mary Wasson, Monica Bishop, and Amy McLean in Open Western Pleasure. Congrats to Amy, who placed first in this class and to Monica who won Open High Point for the whole show!
"Paul Revere" in the mule costume class.

"Teddy Roosevelt and Co." in the mule costume class.

An all-girl feed race between a pair of mules and a pair of draft horses.

Another competitor in the feed race.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Denver Stock Show Photos - Day 1

Here is a quick photo recap of today's events at the Denver Stock Show. I apologize if I got any mule and or rider's name wrong, all I had to go on was my notes from the announcer!
Grand Champion Halter Mule, Last Dance, shown by Mary Wasson and owned by Diane Smith (in front)
Reserve Grand Champion Halter Mule, Wild Bill, shown and owned by Amy McLean (behind)
Winner in the Donkey Cart ClassAn entry in the Donkey Costume Class
The mule and donkey show shares an arena with the Draft Horse show, and I thought this lady had a very pretty dress and horse...
Grand Champion Jack, owned by Curtis Imrie
Laurie Mueller, first place in Amatuer Showmanship
Check back tomorrow, I should have more to share!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Merchandise Up

I put two new items up in our "M&M Store" today, a mule head bootjack and a mule wall clock. Here is the link:
Both would make great gifts for mule lovers!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Denver Bound

The February issue of Mules and More, the Jack Edition, is now at the printers. Oh, wow, I am very glad that only happens once a year. I was starting to have dreams involving me Photoshop-ing donkey heads.
And now that that is out of the way, I can start thinking about my upcoming trip to Denver to attend the Denver Stock Show and see my best friend from college, Sarah! Camri reluctantly agreed to "let" me go, after much harsh questioning about why she couldn't come this trip (she had pre-school and dance). I am looking forward to getting out of Missouri for a few days, but it looks like I will be leaving the 50 degree weather we have been having here and trading it for snow. But I am still stoked.
I purchased my fat old mule a beautiful new pink blanket, but I haven't found time to brush the four inches of mud off of him so he can wear it. Looks like it will have to wait until I get back from Denver...
And because I am in such a great mood (and no longer stressing about whether or not I will get the magazine done before my flight leaves) here is an adorable video of a kitten getting tickled...Enjoy!