Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cajon's Maggie

This is my two-year-old, Ms. Maggie, on her first day with a "real" saddle. I had saddled her English about three times before this, and this step up was no problem. Hoosier and I are currently working on freeing Ms. Maggie's feet up... lots and lots of ponying around the hay field. I had no idea how hard ponying could be. I have done it for two days in a row now, and my right arm is so sore!

We got the bandwidth problem fixed (thanks, Paige!) and videos are up to purchase online now!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camri at the Magic House

August 2009 Issue

I hope everyone is enjoying their July issues!
Yesterday, we looked at blueline for the August 2009 issue. I must have lost my proofreading goggles, because when I sat down to review it, I found all sorts of problems I had previously not seen. But we got it taken care of, and after sending quantity on Monday, it should be printed and in the mail by August 5!
I did not get to post a photo of Hoosier in his new fly-protection get up, because he TORE IT UP before I got a chance. First, while destroying the so-cute leopard print fly mask I picked up for him out in Bishop, he put a hole in the neck part. Then, about four minutes after we got to Shelbyville, he put both hooves through the body part and ripped two huge holes in the shoulder. So, back to square one on the hunt for the perfect fly protection wear. For now, he has got to deal with fly-bands on his legs and a boring old black fly mask.
Even though I am the only one in the office right now, there is a little drama going on...We have had so many hits on our website this month that we exceeded our bandwidth limit, and the website is down. It is kind of a bittersweet moment...I have worked really, really hard putting the website together, so I am glad that everyone is enjoying it...but, it doesn't matter how hard I have worked if no one can see it! I am patiently (not so patiently, actually) awaiting a call from our former webmaster to give me the info to upgrade our web hosting package. Once I know who our host is, I can fix it, but until then I am out of luck...
Back to Shelbyville. Hoosier and I placed quite well in the English classes: 3rd in senior hack, 3rd in amateur hack, and 3rd in hunt seat eq. I am looking for some Hunter-Jumper shows around take him to in order to keep him entertained...
Camri had a good time at Shelbyville (5th in leadline!!!), and again at our town fair, which was the next week. Monday, we took a trip to the Magic House in Kirkwood, Mo., and she got quite a kick out of that, too. And it looks like we are headed to Branson this weekend to the Dixie Stampede...
It has been unseasonably cool here...but I am not complaining. It beats having to ride at 8 p.m. to escape the heat.
As soon as I get the website back up (fingers crossed!), I am planning on adding videos to the "M&M Store." There is quite a wide selection, so don't forget to go on and check it out!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Camri and Blazin' Blue

July 2009 Issue

Today, our printer brought down the July 2009 issue. This is the first issue I edited from beginning to end, and I've been scrutinizing it pretty much all morning, and it seems to have turned out pretty good!
It features Kati King and Pete Cooper on the cover, and LOTS of Bishop Mule Days coverage from numerous attendees (including me).

My mule, Hoosier, is notorious for tearing things up. Just in this month, he has destroyed two fly sheets, numerous fly bands for his legs, and a fly band for his neck. He has very sensative skin and looses hair very easy. I went on an investigative mission to find him a fly sheet that won't rub hair AND won't get torn up within a matter of days.
After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to two companies: Kensington Protective Products (found at and Robinhoods (found at I settled on Robinhoods, and ordered him a "Kool Robinhood" and a "Kool Richard." And so far, so good. But it has only been a fingers crossed this one will hold up and do it's job! He is quite handsome looking in his new get-up...I will post a picture soon.

Around here, we have been busy getting ready for Nationals next week (held in Shelbyville, Tenn.). Hope to see everyone there!
You can now purchase all of the books carried by Mules and More online, now. Go to the homepage, then "M&M Store," then books... There are some good reads on there.