Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2009 Issue

Today, our printer brought down the July 2009 issue. This is the first issue I edited from beginning to end, and I've been scrutinizing it pretty much all morning, and it seems to have turned out pretty good!
It features Kati King and Pete Cooper on the cover, and LOTS of Bishop Mule Days coverage from numerous attendees (including me).

My mule, Hoosier, is notorious for tearing things up. Just in this month, he has destroyed two fly sheets, numerous fly bands for his legs, and a fly band for his neck. He has very sensative skin and looses hair very easy. I went on an investigative mission to find him a fly sheet that won't rub hair AND won't get torn up within a matter of days.
After a lot of research, I narrowed it down to two companies: Kensington Protective Products (found at and Robinhoods (found at I settled on Robinhoods, and ordered him a "Kool Robinhood" and a "Kool Richard." And so far, so good. But it has only been a fingers crossed this one will hold up and do it's job! He is quite handsome looking in his new get-up...I will post a picture soon.

Around here, we have been busy getting ready for Nationals next week (held in Shelbyville, Tenn.). Hope to see everyone there!
You can now purchase all of the books carried by Mules and More online, now. Go to the homepage, then "M&M Store," then books... There are some good reads on there.

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