Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring! Yay!

We are currently enjoying a wonderful spring snow! But I'm not too upset because 60 degree weather is in the forecast for this weekend. Thank goodness! 

Also, the deadline for the May issue is next Monday, April 1. This will be the issue everyone advertises their Jake Clark auction mules. So this issue will reach a lot of folks searching for new mules!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy First Day of Spring?

This is the view I saw as I got out of my car this morning at work. Spring? Yeah right. This is straight up winter. I need some warm days to bust outta this winter time funk I'm in. I need some time in the saddle. I need some time in my Nike's not spent on the treadmill. Come on, spring. I'm getting impatient.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Road to the Horse

Mules and More's Sheila Cross is at Road to the Horse this weekend. There are two women with ties to mules competing. One is Obbie Schlom, who shows at a lot of AMA shows and is from California. We have featured Obbie many times the magazine. Sheila got to meet Obbie last night and had her take a photo with the March issue (which she was in on page 4!).

(It is Sheila's birthday today - Happy birthday, Sheila!)

She has been sending me photos from the event so far:

Opening Ceremonies

The One Armed-Bandit (who rides a mule!)

Also, Mary Kitzmiller is there competing as a wild card entry. When I was in high school, Mary and I showed together a lot, and even made a trip to Virginia (I think) together. Her little mule Emmet is just as cute as can be and pretty handy.

Mules and More wants to wish both ladies the best of luck this weekend! Thank you for being such positive examples of mules and mule people to the horse industry! We want to thank Sheila, too, for spreading the word about Mules and More while she is there!