Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Summer Weekend

Friday night, I headed up to Columbia to the Blue Note for the Yeasayer/Smith Western/Hush Hush concert with my friend from college, Bonnie. The show was great!

Bonnie and I :)

Saturday morning I participated in the Quail Forever/Prairie Star Farm 5K Trail Challenge. I did the run/walk division and ran a 44:30 time. I haven't been running that long, so I was extremely happy with my time. I actually ended up first in my age division and got a cute little cooler as a prize!
That afternoon Davey, Camri, Ali and I went to Maramec Springs. The girls fed the fish and "swam" for a bit. The water was super cold, so they didn't spend to much time in it.

Camri and Ali at Maramec Springs

On Sunday, Ali and Camri had their tumbling recital. They both did great! Camri rocked her cartwheels and backbends. We got ice cream with the Surbers, my mom, and Grandma Alice afterward.
Camri at her tumbling recital

It was Ali's cousin Emma's birthday, so Sunday evening we celebrated at the girls' grandparents. They did a little swimming and sliding in their new pool.
Emma and Camri

I was crazy busy this weekend, but it was the perfect way to start June. I can't wait for more weekends like this this summer :)

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