Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from Wyoming

After a 24-hour-plus drive from Wyoming, we made it home late Monday night. And, oh man, was I zapped yesterday. Zumba was excruciating, and I seriously regretted eating those delicious fresh fried donuts for lunch three days...(but, ohhhh, they were yummy!).

We had a great time in Wyoming. We got to eat all sorts of great food (Proud Cut and Cassie's) and spent time with awesome people. The mules our group brought for the auction sold great (4 out of 5 went for over $8,000!). M&M handed out a ton of magazines and got a new advertiser. We are of course looking forward to next year's trip!

I was glad to get back to see Miss Camri... I sure missed her while I was gone!

The July issue's are going out early this month. I think they are being mailed from the printer today or tomorrow. It's filled with news and photos from Bishop Mule Days. I am anxious for everyone to see the cover. I just love it!

Next month, August, will be contain our Jake Clark coverage. The deadline for advertising/articles is next Friday, July 1. (Where is this summer going?)

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