Monday, July 26, 2010

Ah, Welcome Back, Mr. Draper

Mad Men came back on last night. LOVE this show. I can't really relate to it, seeing as I am not a super serious ad man from the sixties, but I do a little I can a little.
Also, Betty Draper needs to go away. She is terrible. What a spoiled, over-indulged women. Ugh.
So I have something exciting to do on Sunday's now. Every other season, I've just watched the episodes when they came out on Netflix. But since I have satellite now, I can watch them with the rest of the world.
It looks like this week, we have two mule events to get ready for. We are going to the Dixon fair for a mule and horse show on Friday. Then we are headed to Jerry Rush's showdeo in Locust Grove on Saturday. The extreme trail course starts at 9 a.m. Hoosier and I will probably do the team sorting, too.
Hopefully we will be back in time to catch Mad Men again on Sunday...

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