Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back In Action

I think we finally have the computer problems fixed now that we have CS5 installed. And this new computer couldn't have been ready to go at a better time. I set up a new ad rate packet today (on the old computer), and I seriously spent 75% of my time waiting for things to load. It was grueling.
After all the mishaps the last couple of weeks, it feels kind of nice to finally be back in the swing of things. Yesterday I got all my web design for June done (updated classifieds, picture page ads, calendar of events, and two new articles up). I also set the standards up in the arena and jumped my fat little mule. He got a bath and his stall cleaned, too.
But tomorrow I leave for Wyoming, so I will just as quickly be out of the swing of things again. At least I feel like I accomplished something before I left this week!
If I can find wi-fi while I am at Jake Clark Days, I will definitely post some updates.

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