Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Important Dates

September 4: The deadline for advertising and articles for the October issue is next Tuesday, September 4. 

August 31 - September 3: The office will be closed this Friday, August 31, through Monday, September 3.  WHY? Sue will be at Ozark Mule Days, and I will be at the Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, Ark.

OK, we got that out of the way! 

So now that you know the details, make sure you come visit one of us! Here is a little more info on these Labor Day weekend events:

Ozark Mule Days - http://www.ozarkmuledays.com/homepage.html - is held in Ozark, Mo. There is a wagon train prior to the start, and Mule Madness Friday night. There is a daytime show followed by a select saddle mule auction that afternoon, a parade, then another round of Mule Madness Saturday night, and another daytime show on Sunday. Sue will have a booth with lots of merchandise and would be happy to take your subscription or renewal! 

The National Championship Chuckwagon Races in Clinton, Ark. - http://www.chuckwagonraces.com/ - There is honestly to much going on for me to retype it here. I will highlight my favorites - the big mule chuckwagon race, the four-up mule chuckwagon race, and the mule race! My little brother is the four-time returning champion (on his black mule, BB). Look for them on Friday-Sunday and cheer them on!
I won't have a booth, but I will have magazines and can take your renewal/subscription while I am at the mule clinic (held about 3 on Thursday) or the All-Mule Competition (held Friday and Saturday mornings). We stand at the starting line under the tree during all the chuckwagon races as well. I will be riding my gigantic Maggie mule - she has a PairADice brand and stands about 16 hands. We should be easy to track down!

If you can't make it to one of these events, I hope you get to enjoy Labor Day weekend with your mule or donkey!

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