Thursday, August 16, 2012


As someone who spends countless hours in Photoshop, this made me giggle.

The September issue is long gone and we have moved on to October. I made a groaning noise when I created the October files, but Kelly, who works in our office and is due with her second child in November, said "Yay!" I think she is the only one rushing through these last days of summer....

We are off to the Chuckwagon Races over Labor Day weekend. Except for Sue, who is going to be at Ozark Mule Days. Look us up at either of these events if you need anything!

As for the girls and I, we are squeezing as much summer time in as we can before school starts for them next Wednesday. We are doing the zoo tomorrow and Six Flags on Sunday. I am prepared for these both to be crazy crowded as other parents will have the same idea.

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