Friday, September 11, 2009

Apps and Dance

Deadline was yesterday, so things have been a bit hectic around the office. My grandmother went down to the Ozark Mountain Mule and Donkey Days ( yesterday. My dad is going to attempt to judge, but if the broken leg proves to be too much, my mom is going to fill in for him. Cam and I are going to go down for the day and watch the show.

I was reading the most recent issue of Horse Illustrated, and came across an article about equine-related apps for your iphone. Despite the fact that I have had an iphone all summer, I had never seen these before. There is a digital metronome called EquiTempo, a list of items to take to shows called EquiList, and a horse weight calculator called EquiCalc. I am going to download one and test it out. They are a good idea, but I'm not sure if I could figure out the metronome. The website with more info on these is:

Camri started her first night of big girl, mom's wait in the other room dance class last night. She did ballet, tap, cheer and tumbling. Her favorite part was tap, and she has been practicing her "shuffle" all day.
I am looking forward to the trip to PFI this weekend. Hoosier needs a new slinky and fly bands, and I desperately need to have my hats cleaned. Cam has outgrown her boots, and if she wants to do leadline at the AllStar, which she does, we need to find some new ones. (The two of us like to shop, too.)
I am getting ready to upload some more photos from Shelbyville and some from the Silver Nickel Chuckwagon Races. That way when the September issue arrives, you can check back into for extended coverage of these events!

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