Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All Star Mule and Donkey Show

The All Star Mule and Donkey Show was held this past weekend in Humansville, Mo. Look in your November issue of Mules and More for more coverage and show results...but for now, here are a few pictures from the event.
Tristan Fowler
Cam snoozing on the Mules and More merch. booth

Pam Robinson

Mel Wilson and Spice

Cam and Hoos after the Teddy Bear Race...neither of them would cooperate for a photo.

Cam and Hoos won the Teddy Bear Race. Cole won the youth Extreme Trail Challenge.
Hoos and I got one first (Amateur Equitation) and four seconds (Amateur Trail, Senior Ranch Riding, Amateur Mulemanship, Amateur Hunter Under Saddle) and got second in the Extreme Trail Challenge open division. Overall, we all had a pretty good show and a good weekend. The weather was great and the competition was pretty tough.
Just a reminder to those who plan on advertising your jacks in February's Annual Jack Issue, it is a good idea to take your photos now, before your stock gets all hairy and settled in for the winter. It has started cooling off quickly here in Missouri, and yesterday I had to go digging around the barn for winter blankets for a few of the mules.

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  1. cori, thank you for taking the cute pic of me and A Sticky Situation at the show. It was nice meeting you. Joslyn Purdue