Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Time 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Here is a little photo dump of our extended weekend. 

Mom, A Danica U Llans and I ran a 5K in Owensville Thursday morning. U Llans wore some sweet running tights. A Danica and I finished in 32 minutes. 

I made a crazy delicious cheesecake. Here is a link to the recipe. It was amazing. 

We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Daniels...

And Thanksgiving supper at the Bashams.

I got to see my high school girlfriends. 

We did a little Black Friday shopping.

And made ornaments at the Taylor's house on Saturday.

(Saturday's sunset)

Then had another Thanksgiving supper at U Larry and A Becky's house. Camri and Ali had a sleepover there that night. 

We had a fabulous trail ride in Canaan on Sunday with Camri, my dad, Tim and Sheila, and Jeff. It was a wonderful way to end the holiday week!

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