Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Friday!

Woooo-hoooooo!Lots to be excited about today!1. It's Friday! Not just any Friday, the Friday before a long weekend! PLUS, we are going to the lake on Tuesday, so I have a FOUR DAY WEEKEND! PLUS, we are closing at noon today, so that makes it a FOUR AND A HALF DAY WEEKEND!2. Camri got first at her State Acro Meet last weekend! She is officially the Level 4 Women's Pair's Missouri State Champion! I am extremely proud of her!

3. Ali started Kindergarten Camp this week, and had her first T-ball game last night!

4. This video:

Is it seriously not the cutest? The girls love this song!

I so hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! There are so many mule and donkey events going on around the country this weekend. Everyone be safe and remember why we celebrate Memorial Day!

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