Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summah Time

Well, starting today at 1, I have to officially start telling people I have a second grader. I'm not real sure how I feel about that (other than OLD.) We really had the best teacher this year. Camri just loved Mrs. Gross, and I am hoping that next year's teacher is just a good. Cam wanted to get Mrs. Gross a gift, but wasn't sure what. I asked her what she liked, and she said, "She LOVES dark chocolate. She eats it every day after recess. You know Mom, it really isn't fair, her eating chocolate in front of us like that." Haha. If I had to put up with six and seven year olds all day, I would need more than chocolate to get me through the day. 

Speaking of that, I spent last Friday at Cam's track and field day. Holy smokes, I am not sure how my mom and grandma were teachers for so many years. There is a reason I work in an office and at a computer and away from so much little kid-ness. It made me realize how pleasant Cam is to be around, because they are not all like that. Mrs. Haus, her music teacher, was the one escorting Cam's class around, and she told me what a wonderful kid Cam is and how she has a lot of really good qualities. I agree with her, she really is great to be around (most of the time ;).

In the last two weeks, Cam has gotten a lot accomplished at acro practice. She can now officially stand up and kick over from a backbend. For those of you not familiar with acro: this is a BIG deal. She said her teacher stopped class and gave her a big hug and told her (and the class) how great it was. Miss Mindi and Ivalo have really been amazing, too. Cam has gained so much confidence in herself this year at acro. We are in the downhill stretch of the season, with only state, recital and regionals left. I really hope she gets to compete again next year, she has just loved it. 

The June issue is at the printers. Which means we are working on July (already? sigh). Deadline for July is June 1. I know many are gearing up for Bishop Mule Days in California and River Valley in Arkansas. Good luck if you are headed to either of these shows, or the hundred other mule/horse events going on that weekend! I hope you get to kick off your summer on the back of a longear!


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