Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sticky Bones McGee

This made me giggle.

Also, for those of you wondering about Sue's progress recovering from knee surgery, here is an update: She is currently at a nursing facility in Owensville and getting better each day. She had a minor set back due to some blood clots in her lungs and a hurt shoulder, but at the facility she will be getting rehab daily, so she should be back home in no time! Everyone's calls and emails have been greatly appreciated! She has her laptop there, and you should be able to reach her through her personal email: mulesandmore (at) Just use an @ symbol for where the (at) is. Stinkin' spammers pick up email address' all the time from blogs and such like this.

We are working on the March issue as I type. Let us know if we can help you advertise! The deadline is next Wednesday, February 1.

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