Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good News, Bad News

So, lots of stuff going on here.

1. Sue is slated to come home today! She is anxious to get back to Spencer (and the office, but we are going to make sure she takes it easy!). She is going to continue to do rehab therapy at Frene Valley three days a week, which will make her recover much speedier!

2. They closed our post office today, with literally less than an 18 hour warning. This is truly a shame for our community. I was in the post office when our postmistress Debbie Scheel got this call, and she was truly in shock. Like she said, why would you close down a post office that actually makes money? As of now, our mail will be in Owensville, but I honestly don't know what we are supposed to do after that. That is how little warning she had.

3. Tomorrow is the deadline for the March issue of Mules and More (February 1). If we can help you advertise, please give us a call at (573)646-3934 or email at mules (at) socket.net

4. The Jack Issues should have made there way to many of you by now! What do you think? I personally really love the cover, but then I love pink, so.... We have lots of new information regarding breeding and caring for mules and donkeys. I hope you enjoy it!!!

UPDATE: http://www.connectmidmissouri.com/news/story.aspx?id=713978#.Tyg0dWBqMw0
Hooray! Looks like we are good again. That is a load of stress of our backs!!! Our post office will continue to stay open!

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