Thursday, March 17, 2011

Survey Mentioned on page 8 of March Mules and More

(This was mailed to me by M. Jean Gregg. They asked me to put this online.)
Survey              Date: ____________________

The following survey is of much more value than one of interest, though it truly is of interest to see how various ones value their horses/mules/donkeys.  Please answer each question.

1. If you were asked to place a daily monetary value on your personal, non-professional use enjoyment that you derive from your h/m/d's, what dollar figure would you provide?  Be realistic, be honest, and give the question due consideration before you answer it.

Daily value: $ _____________

2. Check all that apply:

Is your enjoyment based on

handling your animals? _______

observing them? _______

riding them? _______

training them? _______

working them? _______

owning them for the enjoyment of

your children? _______

your grandchildren? _______

other people? _______

your self? _______

3. How long have you owned/enjoyed your animal(s)? 

less than one year? _______ one to five years? _______

five to ten years? _______     ten or more years? _______

4. Do you ever consider your h/m/d's as your children?  Yes_______  No _______

5. If they were taken away from you by death from an accident, could your h/m/d's ever be replaced by another one of like kind?  Yes _______  No _______

6.  Do you have any comments you would like to make? __________________________



Please provide your name, address, phone number.  Why?  This survey may help you in the future should you lose one of your animals.  It will also help me because I lost two of mine.

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________


Phone: __________________________  Signature: ______________________________________

Please make a copy of this for your records, and mail the original to:

Gregory Kuehmichel, The Mule Man

P.O. Box 761

Mineral Wells, TX  76068-0761

Your response is greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions, google search my name (M. Jean Gregg) on the Internet, and then call me at 318-461-2074 (Temporary) 940-452-8167 (Permanent).

Thank you very much!

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