Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finishing Up March...

We are currently working on finishing up the March issue. I am going to the Boone County Draft Horse and Mule Sale, in Columbia, Mo., on Thursday through Saturday. My grandmother has gone for as long as I can remember, and since she is in Arizona this winter, I will be going in her place.
Sue went to the DeWitt sale in Arizona I had mentioned on this blog earlier and had a very good turnout. There will be an article with pictures in the March issue.
Camri had 4 1/2 snow days last week. I enjoyed having her around, but it was definitely time for her to go back to school. I heard, "Mom, I'm bored," a lot last week. It was too cold to play outside and since my car was snowed in, we were pretty much stuck at the house. I finally got my car out on Sunday...but it did take me two tries to get up the driveway to work today. It is supposed to get up to the 50s by Sunday, so that will help melt all this stuff.
We have been getting a lot of calls from subscribers who haven't received their February issue. I'm not sure what the hold up is, but we are required to allow 15-20 days for the magazines to be delivered. If you haven't received your magazine by February 15, give us a call and we can replace it for you. But until then, all we can suggested is to wait it out. I know it is frustrating, but some things are beyond our control.

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