Thursday, January 20, 2011


The view from the office...

I had heard we were supposed to get MORE snow, so before I left work last night, I forwarded calls from the office to my cell phone, just in case we got snowed in. We did get some snow, enough for them to cancel Camri's school, but not really enough to snow us in at our house. So after getting about 7 calls before 9:30, I thought it might be easier for us to just spend the day at work.
Camri has been watching Netflix streaming, so she has been fairly entertained. My dad and Cole stopped by for a visit, too.
Now that we have the February issue done, it is time to start working on March... it will seem like a vacation after working on the jack issue, though :)
Speaking of vacation....I am taking one this weekend. We are headed to Las Vegas for my birthday! On the schedule is Cirque de Solei, eating at Bobby Flay's Mesa grill, and hopefully lots of SUN! It will be my first trip to Vegas, and I am super excited!
Tracy will be here tomorrow, though, so call the office if you need to get ahold of Mules and More. The deadline for advertising and articles for the March issue is February 1. (573)646-3934

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