Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ada, Okla. Mule Sale

Last weekend, my dad, Cole and I went to the mule sale in Ada, Oklahoma. My dad and Cole both brought a mule to sell and I brought a booth for Mules and More. It was my first time taking a booth to a mule event, and it went very well. I took conchos, decals and static clings, calendars, books, a Harsha bit, license plates, and caps. And all I came home with was four conchos, two decals and a one book! I sold a lot of new subscriptions, too. I had a really good time meeting new and old subscribers.
My dad and Cole both sold their mule, too. Prices were not incredibly high, but Cole and dad were both pleased with what their mules brought. They allow ally trading, so Cole sold his mule on Friday and didn't have to run it through the ring. Dad was number 103 of 120, so he didn't have the best number, but he got her sold.
I will be heading to the Reese Bros. mule sale ( in Westmoreland, Tenn., with a booth this weekend. If you are going to be there, be sure to come by the booth and say hello!

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