Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not A Good Way To Start The Day...

So, when I walked into the office today, I was greeted by not one, but two broken Macs. The Mac we check email on would not turn on. It made some noise, but that's about it. And the Mac we put the magazine together on had a disc drive that wouldn't shut. I guess I bumped it and jammed it up, or something.
To make matters worse, this is the month that we lose ten days to work on the magazine. It is May 20, and I have to have a new magazine ready to go by June 10. So, I guess I'll start the countdown at 14 business days to get July's issue together...and I'll start minus two computers. Lovely!
On a brighter side, we are headed down to Oklahoma for a mule showdeo on Saturday, and the forecast is beautiful, sunny weather. I haven't been able to ride that much because of all this ridiculous rain, but I think I'll manage.
Camri's pre-school graduation is tomorrow night. It is hard to believe that I just dropped her off at her very last day of pre-school, ever. It made me a little sad.

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