Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Changes...

This ad is in the April issue (which we just got yesterday and will go in the mail tomorrow). Though the changes won't take effect for a while, I am trying to prepare myself.
This change will get magazines to subscribers more efficiently. We always say that if you haven't received your magazine by the 25th of the month, give us a call, and we will replace it for you. Well, that means that if your magazine gets lost in the mail, and we have to send you a new one, you could possibly not get your magazine until the last few days of the month. This way, everyone is getting their magazines quicker and has more time to plan to attend events, which helps our advertisers out, too.
Basically, I will have ten fewer days to put together the July issue. I'm hoping I will be OK.

We are leaving for the NASMA Congress in Tulsa, OK., at 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. Hoosier is clipped and is a beautiful dun color right now. He is almost unrecognizable. Still cute, though. He has had a blanket and sleazy on, but the past few days, it's been to warm for that.

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