Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Latest Project

As if I wasn't busy enough, I added a new project to my ever-growing list. Our longtime family friend Bruce Sassmann is running for State Representative in the 62nd Missouri legislative district. He asked me to do his website/social media networking for him. I, of course, agreed.

Bruce and his wife Jan are such good people. Bruce was the mayor of Bland, the town I live in, for many years. He joined my family on our Grand Canyon ride when I was in middle school.

Bruce and Jan own Prairie Star Restoration Farm, located between Belle and Bland, which is absolutely beautiful and has the most charming barn. (Davey's brother is having his wedding there this summer.) When they had a photo challenge and gallery at Prairie Star, they asked me to be a judge, and we featured two of the winning shots in the magazine a couple of years ago.

Bruce is a great guy who would do an amazing job in this position. It is an honor to help him.

Here is a link to his facebook: and blog: I will have the website up by Monday.

Anyway, I have been busy working on the Friends of Bruce Sassmann project in my down time (ha!) between the April and May issue.

Speaking of...I am extremely proud of the April issue and hope you all are enjoying it!

Also, in this supposed "down time," I have been getting Hoosier and Maggie ready for the Tulsa show the first weekend in April. Camri and Shadaisy will also be showing. But with two nights of acro, one night of dance, acro competitions, and spending every other weekend at her dads, she hasn't gotten to ride as much as she and I would like. During spring break she got a lot of time in the saddle, and it made me really look forward to summer when her schedule will slow down.

We are beginning work on the May issue now. I have a list of phone calls to make on my desk, and my file of articles, photos, and letters that all need to be set is getting pretty thick. I know what that means...deadline is quickly approaching...

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