Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busy As A Bee

So, thanks to cheap airline tickets and good friends, in the past week I have got to spend time in Minneapolis, Denver, St. Louis, Little Rock, and Atlanta. I am so glad to finally be home!

I went out and spent Thursday evening through Sunday morning with my good friend from college Sarah in Denver. She lives and works there now. Another one of my best friends from college met us out there, Bonnie from Columbia. We ate lots of yummy food, went out to some fun places, did some shopping, and even got pedicures. To say the least, we had a large time.

Sunday I got to spend the night in Little Rock because of a storm in Memphis. I finally got to work today (a day late!) so I have been busy as a bee! 

The picture above is of the pretty clouds on my flight from Little Rock to Atlanta. 

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