Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Wish List...

This might seem like a silly thing to put on my "wish list," but after spending what seemed like a really long time sorting recycling to take to the recycling center, I would love to have a set of bins like this. Camri and I hauled ours over in laundry baskets, and they are certainly not the most efficient way to transport recycling.

I also am adding a cordless power drill to my wish list. I put a shelf together today, and one would have been extremely handy!

Yeah, I stayed inside today instead of riding my big ol' mules, but it is HOT outside and I got SUPER sunburnt on the river yesterday... I am hoping to get out and ride in the early a.m. tomorrow, as long as I can convince Cam to get up with me, that is.

The August issue with our Jake Clark Days coverage is gone away to the printer. We are now working on the September issue, with our next deadline being August 1. My boyfriend and I are taking our kids and going to Florida with another couple and their kids the first week in August, so I will be missing four days of work. I think I can manage, though!

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