Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodbye, December Issue...

I just uploaded the corrections from the blueline of the December issue, which means that I am officially starting on January. What? When did this happen?
I hope everyone enjoys the Christmas Gift Guide in the December issue. We collected 19 items that mule and donkey lovers will love so you don't have to work so hard to find the perfect gifts this Christmas.
The December cover is one of my favorites. I smile every time I look at it!
A special thanks to everyone who sent in photos after our request for them on Faceb
ook. The response was overwhelming! I will have to remember Facebook the next time I am in a jam.
It is my grandma's last full week here in Missouri. After Thanksgiving, she is driving out to Arizona for three months.
I am in the middle of doing my web design for the month. I've got the features up, and the classifieds and picture page ads. I still have the calendar of events to do. I really have to be motivated to work on that page, though....
Speaking of Christmas...I am considering getting Camri a "Gypsy Tail" for Shedaisy for
Christmas. I know she would flip for it. I am thinking pink. We are growing her mane out this winter, so I might get one for her mane and her tail.
Here is the link for more about Gyspy Tails:

I have been so busy, I have barely had time to ride. But that should change now that things have slowed down a bit, thank goodness.

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