Friday, August 7, 2009

August issue on the way...

By now, the August issue of Mules and More should be headed out. We got it in the office on Weds., and I am pretty happy with.
I definitely learned something putting this one not give myself to many cover options! I had narrowed down the cover to two different photos, both with the forest background, and I seriously stared at the Mac screen for an hour attempting to make a decision. Finally, grandmother walked over to me and said, "Just use the snigging one!" I had gotten stuck in a rut and could not get out of it, so thank goodness for opinionated grandmothers/bosses.
Jim Porter, of Onyx, Calif., is on the cover. Anna Arnold (Granny's Adventures) did an interesting article on a show they all attended, which is where the photo was taken by Dale Allen.
Maggie and I have moved on to groundwork. I thought ponying was hard, but it's nothing compared to this. I still am amazed that my dad and brother do this stuff all day long.
My Grandma Sue is currently on an adventure...a 500-mile-long garage sale...
Right now, Mules and More has 65 fans on Facebook! That is really exciting! And they are not all my family, either! :)

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