Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Website!

Yesterday, I got the new Mules and More website up and running! I had taken a Web Design class while at MoVal where I completely redesigned the site. So far, it has gone well...no major problems. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions for it...
I uploaded photos from my trip to Bishop Mule Days to the new website today. Look for more once the magazine comes out...along with full coverage from myself and Anna Arnold, along with show results.
Next week, the 6th Annual Rocky Mountain Mule Days and Auction are held in Eagle, Colo. Lenice (my mom) is covering this event for the magazine, so if you can't make it out there, it should be in an upcoming issue.
I am attempting to get my fat mule Hoosier back into shape...I let him get kind of chubby after he competed in the Extreme Cowboy Race with my dad this winter. He will be back to his slim self soon, though.
If you have a blog you would like to be featured on Mules and More's "Featured Blog" section, just email me at mules@socket.net, and I will get it on there!
We are putting together the July issue as I speak...And your June issues should be shipped out some time this week!


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